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What is behind a violent child? Is it a mere accident or a bitter harvest?

Eman Ahmed Zaky

Violence represents a great challenge especially to those who are concerned with children’s and adolescents’ behavior. Violent behavior can be encountered in children as young as preschoolers. At any age, violent behavior is an alarming sign that must be taken seriously and dealt with properly, as early as possible, to avoid unwanted and sometimes catastrophic consequences. Collaborative works must be directed to significantly reduce the exposure of children to violence whether at home, school, neighborhood, and or in media to cut the vicious circuit of violence short. Children in any community represent its future; hence, it is wise to integrate sincere efforts to ensure that such future will be healthy, bright, and promising. We must do our best to give our children the chance to see and live in a better world where “goodness, fairness, kindness, and beauty” are prevailing and being rewarded.