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Smart nano-systems based on polymeric lipid vesicles and their applications in tumor diagnosis and therapy

Jin Chang

Nanoparticles, have emerged together of the foremost fascinating drug delivery systems for the controlled delivery of antitumour medication to boost therapeutic effectuality and cut back general toxicity. the planning and development of “smart” nanoparticles request to expand upon the advantages. during this thesis, amphiphilic changed dextran and its derivatives were synthesized with success. supported these polymers, a sensible responsive chemical compound lipoid cyst (PLV) system was with success invented. It may be used as a multi-functional platform for growth identification and medical aid. the main points area unit as following: 1) The synthesis of the amphiphilic changed dextran and its derivatives. 2) The preparation of sensible chemical compound lipoid vesicles (PLVs) and their application in drug delivery. 3) The preparation of magnetic PLVs (SPIO&DOX-PPLVs) and their applications in growth resonance imaging (MRI) identification and medical aid.4) The preparation of sensible pH-responsive upconversion nanoparticles (RB-UPPLVs) and their application in near-infrared (NIR) lighttriggered photodynamic medical aid.5) The preparation of sensible upconversion nanocarriers and their application together growth treatment. All of the results counsel that the PLVs may be used as a sort of platform technology to develop totally different nano-systems, could also be promising nanocarriers for growth identification and medical aid applications.