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Significance of Artificial Intelligence in the Study and Development of Drugs

Kate Brown

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is fascinating and expanding. Given the volume and growth of data, AI technologies are essential for conducting a thorough analysis of the information underlying the data. The use of AI in drug discovery and development is crucial to advancing research and improving decision-making across a wide range of professions and disciplines, including medicinal chemistry, upscaling, molecular and cell biology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, formulation development, and toxicity. AI is crucial to improving clinical trial design (biomarkers, efficacy parameters, dose selection, trial duration), target patient population selection, patient stratification, and patient sample evaluation in order to increase success rates. The rise in start-up businesses focused on this area, the rise in pharma collaborations with AI platforms, and the abundance of articles and reviews describing current applications, their successes, and their drawbacks are all indicators of the growing importance of AI in drug discovery and development.