Revista de Psicología Juvenil y Ciencias del Comportamiento


Revelations of juvenile psyche: guidelines to fostering mental health and ethical practices.

Sareeta Behera, Shiva Raman Pandey*

Fragility and sensitive nature of thought processes. The psyche of a child is like an unending scribbling of experiences, etched and manifested by means of the life that the child internalizes thorough his/her mind’s window. For the world today, the word “Juvenile” is not an unknown phrase; rather it has become a national concern for many nations across the globe. It is not a judicial/social terminology per say. Rather it is behaviour, a psychosocial phenomenon that has been learned and reinforced in the course of the cascades of negative experiences that the child has lived through. The present endeavour is a scientific, quantitative and psychological intervention system that unfolds the psyche of a juvenile. It takes a qualitative perspective and single subject research design quantitative approach to build an in-depth insight on the mental health, well-being and psychological realms of the juveniles. 52 subjects belonging to Juvenile Observation Home are studied in the present research. Appropriate intervention measures revealed 95%-99% of positive significant difference across all the dimensions of mental health, well-being and overall quality of life after the interventions. Cases and revelations furnished herewith are in complete adherence to the informed consent of the children and the Juvenile/ Child Protection Homes.