Revista de Bioquímica y Biotecnología


Research on Combinations of Cuscuta chinensis and Cnidium monnieri Extracts for Osteoporosis Therapy

Ya-Jyun Liang, Wei-Ting Kuo, Christina Soong, Hsuan-Yu Chen and Feng-Huei Lin

The treatment of osteoporosis using current medication has several drawbacks, including unpleasant side effects, increasing medication restrictions, and limited effectiveness. To address these issues, the aim of present research was to investigate the potential of a novel herbal supplement formulated by combining extracts of Cuscuta chinensis and Cnidium monnieri to promote osteogenic activity. In the investigation, extracts of M (1:0), 3MC (3:1), MC (1:1), M3C (1:3), and C (0:1) were used in a variety of ratios. According to the results of Cell Viability, Cytotoxicity, and DNA content during the 3-day culture period, the 3MC and MC groups showed encouraging biocompatibility and exhibited significant osteogenic proliferation effects in Mg-63 cells. Alkaline phosphatase activity and mineralization greatly increased in MG-63 cell culture under 3MC and MC treatments. Gene and protein expression results in MG-63 cells showed that 3MC and MC treatment improved some indicators for bone mass and bone formation. In addition, 3MC treat-ment greatly increased the mRNA expression of ALP, type I collagen, BMP-2, Osteocalcin (OCN), and Osteoprotegerin (OPG) in the MG- 63 cells in comparison to MC treatment. These results sug-gest that combining 3MC has potential for promoting osteoblastic bone formation, which could lead to the development of a bone-building supplement