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Productions of synthetically and biologically bacterial bio surfactants and emerging uses as biofuel in low income countries.

Erica Joseph

Biosurfactants are the most economically valuable biotechnological chemicals of the twentyfirst century. Inefficient bioprocessing, on the other hand, has hampered the commercial manufacturing of these chemicals. Despite the fact that substantial research is being done on the use of low-cost substrates for their manufacture, there is a scarcity of literature on future bioprocess optimization methodologies, their accomplishments, and their promise for costeffective biosurfactant production. This analysis looks at some of the most recent advancements and most promising tactics for improving and reducing the cost of biosurfactant production. Other emerging bioprocess intensification options include the use of nanoparticles and the coproduction of biosurfactant with other commercially significant chemicals such as enzymes. The latest discoveries presented here will not only provide an overview of relevant factors for economic biosurfactant production, but will also highlight a number of techniques that will open up new paths for biosurfactant research. This would go a long way toward establishing biosurfactants as a commercially viable molecule in the twenty-first century