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Maxillary Necrosis by Mucormycosis: A Case Report

Sachi Anand Patil*, Vaishali Balpande, Ashish Bhagat

Introduction: Mucormycosis is a prevalent fungus that infects the maxilla, particularly in diabetics and immunocompromised patients. In an untreated diabetic patient, we present a case of maxillary necrosis due to mucormycosis. Present complaints and investigations: A 58-year-old male patient admitted in AVBR hospital on dated 18/06/2021 with complaint of one side swelling of the face, pain in head, stuffy nose, and discolouration of the Nasal Ridge or the upper side of the mouth. Other symptoms became more severe as time went on and the doctor diagnosed his with maxillary necrosis by mucormycosis. Investigation: Routine blood haemoglobin 12.5gm/dl RBS count is 5.24 million/mm and WBC count is 9200/MMC, and also platelets count 2.56/MMC, X-ray of face, MRI, CT scan, collect tissue sample. Doctor diagnosed maxillary necrosis by mucormycosis. Past history: In the last four months, the patient has he complained of right-hand pain maxillary posterior. The discomfort was considerable, and bending the top and chewing food made it worse. A headache and nasal congestion were also present in the patient. The main diagnostic therapeutic intervention and outcomes: After physical examination and investigations doctor diagnosed a case of maxillary necrosis by mucormycosis. Anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet agent given us early administration of active antifungal medicine, given patients Posaconazole, Ambisome 0.8mg per kg per day was administered intravenous to the patient for 14days as part of a variety of antibiotic therapy. Also provide protein powder was given 10 days to health immune system fight to disease condition. Conclusion: He was response to all medication as well as doctor treatment and his recovery was good.