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Localization of City Park Using AHP in GIS, Case Study: District 8 Area of Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran.

Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari*, Maede Dorvashi, Zahra Ghasemi, Saeid Eslamian, Vijay P. Singh and Nicolas R. Dalezios

Nowadays, daily life intensively depends on public services. Increasing population and urbanization take humans away from environment which may lead to chaos in usage of city lands. Consequently, human is in trouble using public services and facilities including green spaces. Isfahan, one of the metropolitans, has 18 m2 green spaces per person while City Park of district 8 is of inappropriate distribution with regard to population density. To create a localization map of civil park, Isfahan district 8 has been selected. The selected district delimits to Baharestan in north and to Kaveh street in west and to Shahid Forouqi in south and to Emam Komeini street in west-south. Finally, GIS has been used to create given layers and calculate weights based on AHP. According to overlap between layers, the most appropriate places have been identified.