Revista de embarazo y medicina neonatal


Exploring the Use of Telemedicine in Gynecology: A Systematic Review

Egle Savukyne*

The use of telemedicine in gynecology has become increasingly popular, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this systematic review, we aimed to explore the current state of knowledge regarding the use of telemedicine in gynecology. We conducted a comprehensive search of electronic databases for studies on the use of telemedicine in gynecology published between January 2015 and December 2022. A total of 27 studies were included in the final analysis. Overall, the results of the included studies suggest that telemedicine can be an effective tool for delivering gynecologic care. Telemedicine was found to be particularly useful for consultations, follow-up visits, and counselling, and for patients living in remote or underserved areas. The studies also highlighted some of the challenges associated with telemedicine in gynecology, including technical difficulties, lack of physical examination, and patient privacy concerns.