Revista de Oftalmología Clínica


Dried bone allograft and orbital fracture reconstruction

Nguyen Thi Phuong, Le Trong Cuong, Tran Hong Nhung, Ha Thi Thu Ha, Mai Quoc Tung, Peter McCluskey, Pham Trong Van

Orbital fracture is a common eye injury related to increasing incidence of accidents. Indications for surgical intervention include: enophthalmos, diplopia and compromised cosmetic appearance. Orbital reconstruction procedure requires bone defect exposure and typically repairs with an implant such as: silicone sheet, Medpore, Titan mesh, bony allograft and other biomaterials. Dried bone grafts can be safe in terms of sterility, immunity and stability. In this report, we review 17 cases of orbital fractures repaired with dried bone implants. Postoperative outcomes were good with increased orbital volume and reduced diplopia. CT scans confirmed long term implant integration into recipients’ orbit. Dried bone graft allografts should be considered as a safe and inexpensive effective material for orbital fracture reconstruction.