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Concave bending of contact line due to polarization and surface trapping

Jiangtao Cheng

The formation and configuration of 3 part (solid/ liquid/vapor) contact line is of central importance in understanding wetting dynamics and electrowetting. The contact zone is divided into four regions: the gross region, the mesoscopic region, the proximal region, and also the molecular region. However, the contact angle and also the contact line profile inside the molecular region still stay obscure. during this study, we tend to used molecular dynamics simulation to look at the contact line profile within the molecular region. it's found that the contact line experiences planoconcave bending at the molecular region, that is iatrogenic by the polarization of water molecules in that and also the friction among the bedded structure of treed water molecules. The polarization close to the solid surface manifest within the variety of orientation bias of water molecules. The surface housing of water molecules within the proximity of solid surface happens within the variety of oscillatory peak densities within the density profile. each effects, that area unit restricted to some one nm off from the solid surface, contribute to extra energy dissipation within the method of contact line formation and work together as an additional term within the changed Young-Laplace equation.