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Biomass resources as a source of raw materials for chemical production.

Irfan Demirbas

As the chemical industry relies heavily on carbon, biomass is one of the only bulk sustainable carbon feedstocks that can be used to provide it. Waste biomass offers a solution to both decarbonize and create a circular economy. The world would benefit more from recycling biogenic carbon dioxide as opposed to adding fresh, previously subterranean carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Many of the important goods in the UK's Chemical Manufacturing sector may have an alternative to petrochemicals in the form of biomass. The target audience for this research is individuals who can actually affect change in the chemical manufacturing industry. Infrastructure, money management, and legislators' knowledge of biomass's potential are all vital. Our recommendations for enabling the transition to biomass feedstocks include: mapping the UK biomass sources and their applications, developing a prioritised list of high value chemicals refined from biomass sources, securing further engagement across the supply chain, and the formation of an open and accessible biomass refinery, among others.