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Anti –Diabetic Metabolite Profiling In Benincasa Hispida Thunb

M. Jayanthi

Natural products have received a much attention as a source of bioactive substance, with this view the present study was aimed for profiling anti-diabetic compound in Benincasa hispida for anti-diabetic effect and it complication. Diabetes mellitus has become a major public health and economic problem across the globe. DM affects a population of approximately 424.9million adults aged 20-79) worldwide in 2017. Benincasa hispida synonyms are Cucurbita hispida thumb, belongs to curcurbitaceae family, commonly known as white pumpkin. In India white pumpkins are mostly used for auspicious function and in traditional food preparation. But the fruit has vast nutritional values with essential phytochemicals volatile oils, flavonoids, glycosides, saccharides, proteins, carotenes, vitamins, minerals, ?-sitostesin and uronic acids. In the present study, chemical profiling in peals, seeds and pulp extracts were investigated. A comprehensive profiling in peel, seed and pulp extracts individually using HPLC-QTOF-MS/MS analysis and would reveal the active compounds. Differential inhibition of ?-amylase and ?-glucosidase activity observation in response to polarity of extract, cultivar and tissue type. These results would suggest that the consumption of white pumpkin may have potential health benefits to manage diabetes.